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Landing Pages, and Why They Matter

Firstly, a definition or explanation of what a landing page is. In its simplest terms, a landing page is a website that you purposely direct people to. While you can’t normally control which page of your website a potential customer might click on to if they find your business on their own, a landing page is one you provide a specific link to.

To direct people to it, you may want to put it in your profile on social media, or you might use one to draw attention to a certain offer or product that you’ve mentioned in an email to your mailing list. A landing page is also commonly used when you’re launching something, such as a competition or a training course.

While your existing customers and clients will already be familiar with your brand, a landing page is incredibly important as you need to remember it could be the first impression a prospective customer or client has of you and your services if they’re not already familiar with you.

Your landing page must cater to both.

It must be done in a way that gets them to follow through on the action you’d like them to take. That could be that they fill out a form as part of a giveaway or competition, or it could be that you want to catch their attention so much that they want to sign up to your service or buy your product.

It’s incredibly important to make sure your landing page captures all the information you need it to in a way that gets the visitors attention and encourages them to engage with you. For some examples of landing pages, check out my portfolio.

To find out how I can help you with your landing page for your next campaign or launch, get in touch now.

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