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The Process

Process: Welcome
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A step by step guide in how I work with you to get the best out of our partnership

Step One

The first thing to do is get in touch. We can arrange your free discovery call to put our heads together and create a plan of action. Together, we'll work out what services would be best for you and I'll ask you questions to help identify who your target audience is.

Step Two

Using the information you've given me, I'll go away and put together a no obligation proposal detailing the work I'll do, the hours I anticipate it will take, and what, if anything, I need from you to be able to do it. It is absolutely your choice whether you agree to all or part of the proposal.

Step Three

You're happy to go ahead - great! We'll agree a timescale for the first draft, and at this stage, a non-refundable deposit is required. We'll agree what percentage of the final sum that will be - it's just to make sure I can book out my time and dedicate myself to your project.

Step Four

On or before the agreed first deadline, I submit the work I've done to you. At your convenience, giving you time to review it, we'll either meet again to discuss what does or doesn't work, or you can send me your feedback in your preferred way.

Step Five

I review and revise the project, and resubmit it to you within the timeframe agreed within the proposal.

Step Six

Once we're both happy with the copy, the project is complete! Hurrah! You get your personalised copy to update your website/social media/run your ads etc. Full payment should be made within 28 days of us agreeing all work is complete.


The process may be slightly different depending on the length and size of the project. I have a flexible approach to taking on work, and will always do my best to meet your needs and that of your business.  If you need something doing slightly differently, that's absolutely fine - let me know during our initial conversation and I'll work it into the proposal.

Process: About Me
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