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Product Descriptions Portfolio

Counting Toadstools - Rainbow Hand-turned from hardwood beech, these counting toadstools a

Product Description: Counting Toadstools

Brief: To get across the benefits of learning through play with this new product from Little Peeps designs, highlighting the eco-friendly nature.

Product Descriptions: LittlePeepsDesigns


To write product descriptions for all items, highlighting their benefit in supporting young children to learn through play

New Product Launch - Social MEdia and Product Description.png
Product Description - WWT.png

Product Descriptions: WiccanWisdomTarotReading

To explain the differences in services/products offered by Wiccan Wisdom Tarot Readings, highlighting the differences in each offering.

Product Description: LittlePeepsDesign


To launch a new product on social media, the brief was to capture the relevant information that would encourage those seeing the post, which was later turned into an ad, to click on the link taking them to LittlePeepsDesigns Etsy store.

Product Description - LPD.png
Product Descriptions Portfolio: Work
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